The best methods for running your sales team

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Sales is a varied beast, and every industry, company and even individual has a perspective on how to do it best, but you need consistency from your team. Thorough onboarding, regular training and a good operational base are the best way to implement your brand standard, so here are some tips on how you can create that atmosphere for your … Read More

Get ahead in the cloud! Why you need cloud-based sales commission software

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The sales environment has always been competitive but now you can get ahead of the game by switching to the cloud. If you haven’t thought about a cloud-based compensation management solution yet, maybe you should. Here are three simple reasons why : 1. Quick, easy and cost-effective The only things you need to switch to cloud-based sales commission software is … Read More

How should you define sales performance goals?

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When it comes to defining sales performance goals, you might wonder what time period to set them at. Every company has different time-frames they like to set goals for, whether it is daily, weekly, monthly or yearly targets. There are advantages for all of these time-frames, but what is the right way? Here are some thoughts on each of those … Read More

The importance of well-defined sales targets for growth

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What’s the first thought when it comes to establishing sales targets? Your first instinct is probably to say ‘I want to increase sales’. Well, who doesn’t? But having such a vague goal is more likely to achieve the opposite. Without a clear, well-defined target, there is no way to make measured progress. And without assessing your progress, you can’t tell … Read More

5 ways to incentivise and boost your sales team’s morale

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As a sales leader, you always have to find new ways to keep your sales team motivated using incentives and encouragement to boost their morale. Here are five ways to do just that : Sales commissions Traditionally, sales commissions have always been effective motivators. Set up a generous sales commission scheme that does not create competition amongst your team members … Read More

Managing individual performance within a team environment

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This concept can sometimes be neglected when the management focus is on the overall picture. But, with modern sales performance management apps providing tracking insights and commission reports, a clear focus on individual performance is also valuable. Calling out individual performance within the team Professional sports team players are prone to say: ‘We win as a team, we lose as … Read More

Should your sales executives create their own targets?

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When you’re running a busy sales team, it can be challenging and time-consuming to create sales goals for everyone. Some sales managers will, therefore, urge staff to set sales targets for themselves to save time. Can this be an effective system for sales managers? Is there a more effective way? The advantages of asking staff to create sales goals for … Read More

3 ways sales commission software gets you great results

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There are times when a few minor adjustments to sales compensation management are all that’s needed to add insight and incentivise your team. Occasionally, in-depth analysis and major change are needed to breathe new life into your sales performance goals. Whether the adjustments you need to make are large or small, decisions around business software are critical. Get it right … Read More