Large sales companies spend a lot of time each month calculating their commissions manually. Small businesses are not exempt from this laborious and inefficient task, as the manual computation of commissions is subject to errors and low levels of transparency.

Commission management software is an essential component of sales planning that makes the process of tracking commissions less complicated. Sales managers will, therefore, spend less time disbursing commission to their sales representatives.

Below are some advantages of the commission management software.

Boosting employee performance

Managing commissions using commission management software can have a direct motivation on the sales of the team. The software allows each person access to monitor their earned commission, from their devices at any time.

An efficient commission management system indicates all deals that have been closed, making the commission calculation process transparent. This will be a motivating factor to sales team members to improve sales, in order to earn more than previously earned.

Enhancing the accuracy of commission payments

Inaccuracies generated by outdated methods of calculating commission and compensation are a primary cause of financial losses in companies.

The use of accurate software ensures real-time access to data. This increases the efficiency and accuracy in the process of calculating and paying out commissions. Companies that have employed this software are more likely to pay commissions within two weeks from a sale being made.

Saving time with automation

Automation of the sales representative payrolls, including their commissions, saves the sales manager the headache of manual calculation. The staff can also freely focus on making more sales without having to, regularly calculate their commissions. The automation will save time, which will be of great advantage to the organisation as the number of sales per representative increases .

The payment of commissions causes fluctuations in the monthly wage payments. This makes an efficient management system, to ensure the cash flow is kept constant, a crucial requirement. An accurate and easy-to-use commission management software will ensure this process is smooth and automated, minimising errors and ensuring the sales representatives are paid timeously.

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