COVID-19 is at the forefront of everybody’s minds – we’ve posted a couple of times about it recently here. Businesses across the world are adapting to the changes that have to be made to survive. It’s important that your sales team retains confidence in your business during these trying times as, while none of us knows what the future holds for many industries, your staff are going to be key to ensuring that you remain in a strong position.

Question is, what can you do to keep business confidence alive?

Sales performance goals: the heart of your company’s future

Sales performance goals are crucial during the lockdown. By updating these goals regularly, your staff will know that there is still every reason to strive to make as many sales as possible and to keep nurturing a rapport with your customers. This will also have a reverse effect on your business success by helping your company not just stay afloat but thrive: the more your sales staff put in, the more the company will achieve, which means your sales staff can keep giving it their all. Keep sales performance goals at the forefront of your strategies and this cycle will only get stronger.

Business confidence starts with leadership

When you update your sales team’s sales performance goals, they’ll see that you’re on the ball, keen to help, and excited about the potential of the future. When you project yourself as a leader that actively backs your staff – and therefore your business – this energy will only spread throughout your teams, whether sales or otherwise, ensuring you know your staff have just as much faith in the business as you do.

The solution to ongoing business confidence

Using Commissionly to create sales performance goals is the easiest way to give strength to your staff and your business. You’ll be able to set new goals whenever you choose, keeping staff motivated and business confidence alive, whatever the upcoming weather.

If you’re currently using a spreadsheet to calculate commission, and you’d like a simpler, more efficient way to manage sales performance, why not consider Commissionly? You can benefit from a free trial with a demonstration on how to improve your sales performance management. With a host of powerful features, like sales territory management, sales quota management, and sales objective management, you’ll soon find yourself wondering how you ever managed with a simple spreadsheet.