An effective salesforce requires staff to be working at their optimum capacity. A team that is not always reaching sales performance goals, is likely due to increased stress levels. Recent research has shown that about 28% of staff are leaving their roles in the sales team every year. Just under half of those people are leaving due to stress.

Stress has a significant part to play in how productive we are. And some experts have suggested that introducing better stress management will allow companies to achieve increased sales. So, how exactly does stress impact productivity?


When sales staff are stressed, they are less eager to meet targets and less likely to achieve the sales performance goals that have been discussed or set for them. This is for both individual and team targets. Obviously, the knock-on effect is not only on the team but the business as well.

Less resilient

Those suffering from stress are also likely to have lower levels of resilience. What this means is, when they are met with a ‘no’ from a prospective client or even an employer, they will not be likely to be persistent in pursuing that client in order to close a deal.

Lowered communication skills

Those who are under stress are harder to communicate with. They may appear unapproachable and may be unwilling to reach out to contacts inside the office. Good communication skills are an important part of selling and so lacking in this area, due to stress, is a big deal and can completely undermine the efforts of the salesperson to meet their sales performance goals.

How to reduce stress in the sales environment

It is important to note that some levels of stress are useful. However, there needs to be a level of control over the impact of stressors. If staff feel too pressured, they’re going to struggle, and this will lessen their performance – not enhance it. This may require, finding ways to ensure that staff can have opportunities to de-stress.

It isn’t helpful that most sales staff work longer, more unsociable hours. However, there are great ways to encourage activities within the office that can help staff to unwind. For instance, have a games room or a corner where staff can do light exercises or engage in social games like darts, pool or table tennis. Those who exercise are often found to have lower levels of stress and higher levels of productivity. Increased productivity will only benefit the organisation.

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