While sales teams are often the major focus for compensation software, they aren’t the only ones who could use this technology to increase motivation. There are many industries and jobs where compensation could be awarded for high performance.

Here are three industries that can implement compensation software for ‘front-line staff’.

1. Retail

Retail staff, or any staff in the customer service industry, can be rewarded for their actions and this can motivate them to be more productive on the shop floor and sell more at the tills. There are many ways you can set sales goals for your retail staff. For instance, you can reward them for the most revenue generated (daily or weekly), the number of impulse buys they convert or the number of items sold in the store.

Compensation can be entered manually into the software, or there can be predefined goals that can be given to staff. This could apply to staff on the shop floor or those working at the check-out counters.

2. Leisure

Staff that work in spas, hotels or other leisure outlets can also be rewarded. An example could be in a gym; the staff can have set sales targets for signing up new members or renewals, etc.

3. Trades

Tradespeople are highly-skilled service providers (plumbers, electricians, etc.). Unfortunately, service-based businesses often have once-off jobs and this means the income is very unpredictable. In such a business you need to develop a stronger, passive income.

This is where all-inclusive deals can come in handy, where customers can pay a monthly fee for a set amount of work per year (like unlimited labour or free safety tests). These deals are great because they allow you to have a long-term, passive income that allows you to better predict revenues and plan more accurately.
And for customers, it’s a convenience. You could reward those providing your service when they sign up a new customer to your business. You can also set sale goals and reward them according to those.

Long-term sales don’t even need to be the key focus. You could reward staff on the number of event or day tickets they sell during a specific period.

A traditional sales team, that works in an office or even those that go door-to-door aren’t the only people who can benefit from compensation software. There are numerous other industries that can benefit too.

Your business can benefit too. Just ask Commissionly. We make it simple for you to set up and use and you won’t regret it.