If you offer your employees plenty of sales incentives and introduce commission calculation software to ensure they receive the correct amount of commission for their sales, but still find you are not meeting sales targets, it may be because you are not utilising manager override commission. Let’s take a look at what exactly manager override commission is, in more detail.

What is manager override commission?

As the name suggests, override commission is the percentage of commission a manager receives when employees, in their team or beneath them, make a sale. For example, if a team has three members and each make 10% commission, a manager may make 1% of override commission from their sales.

How can manager override commission improve sales?

You may be wondering how improving just one employee’s commission can improve the sales of an entire team.

Below are some of the ways that manager override commission can improve sales:

  • Hands-on motivation – If a manager knows they are going to receive their own commission from their team’s sales, they will be more likely to take a more hands-on approach in motivating their team and ensuring that the team is working as productively as possible.
  • Build stronger relationships – For many salespeople, the knowledge that making sales will not only benefit themselves but so too their manager, they are more likely to feel motivated to work harder and to please their manager. Team members seek managerial approval for a number of reasons; they have a close friendship or they hope to be promoted within the team.
  • Greater teamwork – If sales commission is split fairly between team members and their manager, this can be done accurately with commission calculation software. It will create a stronger sense of teamwork within a sales team and with their manager, as they are all working towards the same goals.

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