Sales performance management is always easy when your business only has a couple of sales professionals. Once you scale up though, using manual commission tracking methods or even spreadsheet tracking becomes more problematic. This will be even more tricky over coming years due to the government’s Making Tax Digital initiatives, as you probably won’t be able to evidence or back up your records properly within your digital returns.

Benefits of sales commission software

Sales commission software makes all your tracking far easier, and also gives you the digital footprint that can easily mesh with your HMRC-approved payroll. You won’t need to spend loads of your time on complex financial commissions calculations for your salesforce any longer, as this software handles all kinds of complex commission structures with ease.

It goes without saying that the main reason you pay commission is to grow sales. And, this can be a very real motivational factor for sales teams. Create an even more competitive environment, with your commission structure, when you sign up for sales commission software by:

  • Structuring add-on commissions for consistent top performers in teams.
  • Varying commissions for different products. If you need to push specific items at different times of the year, simply change the settings within your software.
  • Base your commission payments on revenues, sales volumes, or any other metrics and watch your sales force relish the challenges!

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