When it comes to setting your team’s sales goals for next year, there are a lot of factors to consider. It is important to remember that this will be a new year, a time for reflection and putting the fresh foot forward for new beginnings. So it is safe to assume that a lot of your team will be making new year’s resolutions.

Capitalise on these when you create sales goals for them. This will help you to make sales goals more relevant to individuals, improve sales performance and increase revenue for the business.

How can you align your staff’s new year’s resolutions to their sales goals?

Ask them what their new year’s resolutions are

As a starting point, ask your team what their new year’s resolutions are. Most of them should have at least one and if not, ask them to come up with one. Get them to write it down on a piece of paper (with their name on it) and give it to their team leader or yourself.

Assess the new year’s resolutions and align them to your sales goals

Next, look at these new year’s resolutions and see how they can be aligned to the business. Some of them will be easier than others. A common resolution (goal) might be to earn more, so you can look at how improving their targets and motivation, will assist them in selling more.

Another could be, to eat more healthily. While you might not think you can integrate this into your planning, you could suggest that staff members eat their lunch in the staff area instead of at their desk. Eating at a desk poses long-term health risks so you can support them in this way. It is important to keep in mind that not all goals you create have to be sales or money-related.

Have a meeting with your staff

The next step would be to speak individually to your staff and give them their new sales goals. Make sure to show them how their personal new year’s resolutions relate to the new sales goals. When they see the link between the two, they are more likely to have increased motivation for both their personal and professional goals.

You can also talk through methods for how staff can improve their general performance by giving an end-of-year final report.

So finally, mixing your staff’s new year’s resolutions with your business goals, when creating sales goals for January will most likely generate positive actions which leads to improved business sales.

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