For anyone just venturing into the world of business or just starting a new company, the term ‘commission tracking software’ may just seem like confusing jargon. However, for any sales-based enterprise, investing in effective commission tracking software could make a world of difference.

What is commission tracking software?

Put simply, commission tracking software enables you to track all of the crucial parts of the commission cycle. From tracking and calculating commissions to ensuring that they’re carried out to the clients’ requirements, commission tracking software can aid in the process at every step.

Why invest in commission tracking software?

1. It minimises human error

Although you can, in theory, track commissions via spreadsheets yourself, this leaves the door open for errors. This is because there are things that may slip past even the most meticulous person. In contrast, commission tracking software works through algorithms and trends, so the potential for error is minimised.

2. It frees up team time

Usually, when you start out, you will have just a small team of employees. These employees could be at the top of their field, and yet they still will not have enough time in the day to get everything done. Handling their own figures and working out how much commission is owed can be a time-consuming process. So investing in commission tracking software that will get the job done for you can only benefit your team, right? It allows your employees to spend their time focusing on the important jobs – like locking in sales.

3. It enhances your sales commission model

Unless you’re a seasoned commission expert, there might be a chance that you’re unsure how to actually structure your business model. What should you prioritise? What sales goals should you set? These are just two of the many questions that may arise when thinking about this. Luckily, commission tracking software is intuitive and versatile and can help devise solutions to a plethora of questions that you may have. This means your business model will be optimised and functioning at its best!

Choose Commissionly!

Commissionly is the sales commission tracking platform that beats all others. It offers a wide host of tools and features, such as sales splits, multi-currency support, recurring commission management, and more. Explore the full range of features today, or else get in touch with a friendly member of our team.