Motivation is important within any role, but it is vital within a sales environment. From large call volumes to rejection handling, even the best salespeople have to learn to be resilient and often have to rely on their own motivations to get through particularly difficult days.

Within an organisation, there are a few things that can be done to motivate a sales team and create a positive working environment.

Talk openly about sales commission

One of the biggest motivations of a sales role is money, and this is not something which should be downplayed. Many professionals within sales rely heavily, if not solely, on their bonus and commission. They are strongly aware that this will only be made if they put in the necessary work. And encouraging your team to talk about how much commission they have made in a month, can be motivating for those who may be earning less than their colleagues.

Encourage competition

Competition is a great way of increasing motivation within a sales team. By having weekly and monthly targets made visible to the whole team, it can motivate the bottom performers to reach the same level of expertise as their colleagues. It can also encourage competition among the top performers and boost their sales figures in the process. By having a friendly yet competitive atmosphere, you are encouraging your team to revel in their achievements and to work together to reach the most effective sales techniques for your business.

Visualise sales goals

Another way in which businesses motivate their sales team is by keeping everything visual. It is not a secret that those within sales are in it for the money, so by getting them to set goals and visualise them, can boost performance and ultimately, sales figures. The goals could be a new car, a relaxing holiday, or buying a home. Everyone has goals. Reminding your sales team of these goals whilst at work, is perfect motivation because only they have the power to reach their dreams and make them a reality.