The sales environment has always been competitive but now you can get ahead of the game by switching to the cloud. If you haven’t thought about a cloud-based compensation management solution yet, maybe you should. Here are three simple reasons why :

1. Quick, easy and cost-effective

The only things you need to switch to cloud-based sales commission software is an internet connection and a computer, laptop or mobile hardware on which to access it.

Unlike traditional office IT, you don’t even need your own server, which helps you save on costly resources and storage space. Installations are on-boarded remotely, and data is stored on the cloud, providing a secure back-up of your organisation’s information in case of an in-house system crash.

That makes switching to the cloud very low risk on all fronts. The software does the work and saves you money, while you and your team focus on building sales and revenue.

2. Accessible from anywhere

As soon as sales commission data is hosted in the cloud, it becomes accessible day and night from anywhere in the world with a Wi-Fi connection.

That means your in-house team can view live sales data as travelling representatives access the sales commission dashboard and update their successes on the road. Team managers can check the performance of individual reps in real time in order to make project decisions. Great performance can be reliably rewarded, while under-achievement can be tackled quickly to ensure better results next time. 

3. Great for team-working

Cloud-based sales systems are especially useful for start-ups and small to medium-sized businesses. They can be scaled up and down to meet changing needs and are flexible enough to pull in team members from all over the county, country or even globe.

Cloud-based software integrates seamlessly into existing sales projects and brings your whole sales team together under one ‘umbrella’. Everyone can track sales commission opportunities and achievements online in order to optimise results. Reports and commission payments can be generated quickly and easily, ensuring that timely reward builds sales motivation.

So why not close the deal, get ahead in the cloud, reward your sales team and grow your profits today?