Building a sales performance management strategy could sound intimidating and like a lot of pressure if you’re unsure of what to do. You don’t want to come across as overbearing or pushy – but you also don’t want to seem floundering or lackadaisical. However, ensuring that you find the right balance is easier than you expect.

Here’s how you can manage the sales performances of your employees effectively.

1. Assert your goals from the get-go

From the beginning, be clear with your employees on what your expectations are, regarding their sales performances. What is their daily target sales quota? How long do you expect them to spend with each client? What should their priorities be? Laying all of this out on the table means your employees know what you want. This means that it’s easier for you to track inconsistencies because an expected timeline and/or goals has/have been established.

2. Remember to schedule events and goals

So often, people rely solely on their memory. This can backfire quickly because the human brain is not as effective at retaining information as, say, a piece of intuitive management software. Keeping track of your to-do list means that you can reflect upon each one as and after it’s passed, meaning you can manage performances and outcomes with ease.

3. Be a leader – not just a boss

If you want to truly understand why an employee is falling behind in their sales performance targets, often the best stance is not to be intimidating. Instead, try adopting more of a mentor figure. Ask them why they think they’re failing, what you can do to help. This will build a rapport in the office, and help your employees feel more at ease. When they feel like this, they’re likely to be more confident and perform better.

4. Use Commissionly

Commissionly is a flexible, advanced platform that will help you keep track of, and manage, all your sales performance targets. Not only this, but you can use Commissionly to send out questionnaires to your employees and clients in an unintrusive manner, gleaning results quickly and effectively. Commissionly can be tailored to the individual needs of your SME, growing with you as your business grows.