Working together, or against?

Many sales directors will focus on the success of each individual. They award commission based on who followed the sales process from start to finish, and who closed the deal at the end. 

Each member of staff will work against their friends and colleagues. They fight to sign those high-value contracts and maximise sales figures. It’s every man for himself.

Could working together be a better option? 

Your salespeople are individuals, each with their own way of working. Surely a better approach will identify strengths, weaknesses and personality types. Can you connect the right salesperson with each specific type of customer?

Customers know when they’re being ‘sold to’

Today’s consumers are more aware than ever. They quickly identify how they’re being treated when they’re spending their money.

Many people feel uncomfortable when they’re dealing with one salesperson from start to finish. There’s a belief that this level of consistency makes a customer feel valued. In fact, it makes some customers wonder if they’re just a number. Your customers will look for signs you’re listening to them or whether you’re just after a sale.

Instead, pass your customers around a small team at different stages of the sales journey. They’ll hear the same message from many people, which reinforces the message and can boost customer confidence.

How does this work with sales commission?

If you’re going to take this approach, things need to change. You’ll need to break free from a commission structure that rewards staff only when they close a deal. Each member of the team should receive a share of the sales commission, as a reward for working together.

With Commissionly, it’s possible to create as many sales teams as you like. Now, you can manage your payments easier than ever.