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How to build motivation during a slow period

When it comes to sales performance goals, there are many different aspects to consider. One of those is the current trading conditions of the industry. For most industries, there are going to be times when there are slow periods. During these times, it can be hard to motivate your team. Sales teams that aren’t motivated […]

Creating an incentive compensation plan with our sales compensation calculator

Incentive compensation is a form of pay structure which is based upon how the business and its individual employees perform. Essentially, employees receive a base salary with an extra reward (tallied up using a sales compensation calculator) for meeting specified targets. There are multiple performance metrics that can be used to determine which employees qualify […]

3 modern ways of finding leads to meet sales performance goals

When it comes to making sales performance goals, staff need every advantage. While phoning endless leads, whether they’re hot or cold, is the traditional route, it doesn’t always yield the best results. It can also be very stressful. Modern technology can come to the rescue. For managers, there is excellent commission software, and for salespeople, […]

4 industries that can benefit from sales commission software

Sales commission software is a great way to motivate and incentivise your sales team. But can it benefit your business? Let’s take a look at the top 4 industries that utilise this means of employee performance tracking: 1. Financial services Whether your team sells merchant payment services or helps others to better invest their money, […]

Setting Christmas Sales Goals

Most managers think they know how to set sales targets and quotas, but did you know that the formula should change depending upon the time of year that you are in? Buying habits change throughout the year, and when it comes to Christmas, more people are likely to spend money. Knowing this, managers should adjust […]

Types of bonuses you might not be utilising, but should

When you sit down to develop your staff bonus structures, you often think about how you can create sales goals. However, it isn’t just sales commission that is important for the performance of your staff. There are other bonuses that you can give to help motivate and grow your business. Offering rewards for responsibilities, other […]

7 habits of effective sales managers

How effective are you when it comes to sales performance management? To be an effective sales manager, you need to do more than just monitor your team’s performance. You need to inspire them to go the extra mile and close deals daily. Here are 7 habits of effective sales managers: 1. They lead by example […]

Earning sales commission is about understanding objections

Earning sales commission is about understanding objections. Overcoming objections is still considered key to successful calls and earning sales commission. However, time is often wasted using information or specific techniques in the wrong way. This occurs when the salesperson hasn’t truly understood the situation that the catch-all term ‘objection’ is masking. The four things prospect […]

Why sales compensation is vital for your business

On the ground level, your sales teams are the ones who keep the organisation running by driving sales to generate income. While some managers may argue against sales commissions and incentives, they are actually important in motivating your team to ensure they are doing their best to earn you revenue. An organisation that has high […]

4 ways to boost client retention

So, it’s the beginning of the month and you need to find a way to hit that all-important commission target.  Read on for four strategies to boost your client retention, ensuring that you have guaranteed business every month *before* you start dialling out on those “BD” calls: a client retention playbook, if you will. 1. […]