When it comes to your business, you need to make sure you have a great sales force if you are providing a service or product. At the end of the day, without a motivated sales team, you won’t be able to keep the money coming in.

A lot of companies make it their priority to have a great sales team. Here are five great tips to get the best sales team for your business.

1. Find the right source

You need to follow proven strategies for recruitment, which might include career days, paid internships, and campus visits. By investing in raw talent and building on this, you can develop your team into a fully-functioning sales force.

2. Review your network for executive roles

When it comes to sales executives, it is essential to reach out to your wider network to find someone you know can confidently lead your operation, instead of constantly posting job adverts for new candidates.

3. Referrals from your current team

It is highly likely that your current sales team will know others who may be interested in joining your business. You could create a referral programme for those in your sales team and offer a set of incentives.

4. Make sure you evaluate correctly

Interviews are a great way of ensuring that you get the right person for your team. Make sure that when you interview candidates you are asking the right kind of questions. Ask questions that will challenge them – you want to see how the candidate reacts and thinks on their feet.

5. A great incentive package

Commissions, salaries, rewards for top team members, and a range of other benefits are what will get you the best sales team. You need to make sure that you include these details in the job specification. The job advertisement is as much of a sales tool as the products you sell. You want to ensure you are an attractive proposition to prospective candidates.

Once you have recruited your sales team, you can use Commissionly’s sales performance management software to maximise your team’s chances of success.