Making changes to your business with the current state of the market might not be at the top of your list. But with many companies currently working below their usual capacity, it might just be the ideal opportunity to get ahead. Implementing sales commission software for your business is a great way to improve morale, and establish brand-new practices that benefit your employees for years to come. Want to know how?

Here are our top tips to get you started:

Clearly communicate your plans

When implementing anything new in your business, it’s essential to provide clarity. This is even more important in uncertain times, where communication is the key to success. If you’re planning on implementing or trialing sales commission software in your company, then let your staff know about these plans. If your company isn’t currently furloughing employees, keeping them in the loop is even more essential, and can provide an extra degree of stability to work with.

Begin a testing and learning phase

While you may be tentative about rolling out new software immediately, implementing new processes at a slower speed may actually benefit your business in the future. There’s never been a better time to test out new sales commission software, especially if your business is currently on a reduced level of work. Whether it’s offering training, giving employees time to get to grips with the platform or providing webinars, there’s plenty you can do before that final launch. By putting down that foundation, you’re paving the way to a smoother start.

Implement your final roll-out

Once you’ve prepped your employees and communicated plans, what’s the next step? Change is already on the horizon, so bringing a positive addition to your business practices will be welcomed. By setting a date for roll-out as soon as possible, you can ensure good practices are in place ready for that increase in business that’s likely to come. Lockdown has been a time to adapt – but it’s also a time to grow for many businesses, so don’t be afraid to forge ahead.

Are you ready to jump-start your sales team with a new commission structure? If you need any help with your sales compensation management, get in touch with the Commissionly team anytime.