A career in sales has many advantages; high potential earnings, company bonuses, and many more, however, it can be a very demanding job from day-to-day. With rejection becoming a part of daily life, a career in sales is about more than making phone calls, it is about using your best skills to draw in a customer and close a sale. You can incorporate these helpful tips into your sales goals, and increase your earning potential.

Listen, don’t talk

Any good salesman will tell you that the more you talk, the more chances you are giving the customer to say no. One of the key parts of being an exceptional sales professional is customer engagement and rapport building; find out what your customer likes, what they look forward to. Use this information to build a relationship and introduce your product as lucrative, based on the information they have given you. The more you listen, the more ammunition you will have to persuade them into a sale, and the more respected they will feel by you, for taking the time to listen.

Gatekeepers are not the enemy

Within many sales roles, a common obstacle will be a gatekeeper. Typically a receptionist or assistant, this person holds a lot more power than they are given credit for, as it is ultimately their decision if you get to talk to the desired individual. In order to pass the gatekeeper, you must befriend them. Find out what their role is within the business, find out what they enjoy to do, and use this information to be passed over to your desired contact.

Unique selling points

In order to succeed within sales, you must create the illusion of need within your customer, and you do this by highlighting unique selling points of your product. Research your competitors, what do you offer that they do not? Use that as an advantage and highlight this to your customers, and stress the importance of these unique features. Never apologize for the price of something, use the unique selling points to justify the price point and press the importance of the product you are selling.