It’s tempting to push your sales team to the limit, with attractive commission structures. If your employees are money-driven, they will undoubtedly work relentlessly towards the target. Yet you must be careful of burnout.

Nobody can give 120% 24/7. If they do they will likely achieve some impressive results at the start but before long, they will burn out and may even need time off.

So how can you set goals which challenge your sales team without over-working them?

Form practical plans

If you’re wondering how to set sales goals, the first step is checking that targets are realistically achievable during working hours. By signing off on sales goals that you know require more time than the employee has in a day, means you’re agreeing to let them work overtime and potentially run into trouble later.

Encourage time out

If a manager encourages their team to take time out, they will feel it’s ok to have other commitments in life. If an employee always sees a manager working late, they will believe that’s what’s expected of them too.

If you see someone in the office or online after working hours, make sure they know that they should leave work to office hours unless it’s a rare, once-off.

Reward your team

This also shows your sales team that working life isn’t all about sales targets and working all day, every hour under the sun.

Organising regular activities or nights out shows your team you recognise their hard work and it’s time to let loose and do something different.

Make use of your sales commission software

With easy-to-use, well-priced sales commission software, you can monitor targets constantly with individual employees. Ask their opinion on how they feel the month is going. If they are worried about their sales targets then work out a plan together to tackle this.

To find out more about how sales commission software can benefit your sales team, get in touch with Commissionly.