4 things to look for in a sales compensation software

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Increasingly, smart businesses have started using sales compensation software to accurately analyze the current state of business and forecast future earnings. Sales compensation software is also a great tool to monitor the performance of each sales representative and calculate the effect of renewals. Through automation, your business can seamlessly execute these tasks by creating a sales incentive compensation plan. So, … Read More

Why sales commissions are important for business growth

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When it’s time to analyse sales performance goals, many business owners are often intrigued by the thought of doing away with commissions and paying employees a fixed wage. Maybe it’s a rough patch in the market or the idea that salespeople are not keen on jobs where salaries can fluctuate. But whatever your reasoning may be, sales commissions are a … Read More

What to know when investing in sales commission software

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The days of using tedious Excel sheets to keep track of sales commissions are long gone. Today’s digitally savvy companies are moving forward with commission tracking software to spur their employees towards higher standards of performance and growth. This type of software makes it possible for companies to assess each sales rep’s progress, predict future sales numbers and analyse the … Read More

How to develop a strategic sales compensation plan

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A sales compensation plan is the most crucial driver of success in any sales operation. Therefore, you have to develop it strategically to promote the right sales and evoke the desired practices from your sales representatives. Though a perfect plan will look different for every organisation, you will need to follow these necessary steps and best practices to create a … Read More

4 ways to benefit from sales management software

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If you’re trying to see a difference in your business returns, then what better place to focus on than your sales? It sounds simple, but managing sales properly can be an arduous task, as every business owner knows only too well. There’s just so much to do – monitoring KPIs, distributing leads, proper sales performance management… the list goes on. … Read More

Still using Excel to calculate sales commission? Think again

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While it’s true that Excel and other open-source spreadsheet apps are useful for collecting, tracking and manipulating data, the truth is that these programs were never designed to be a catch-all for all of your company needs – and they’re far from being the best choice for processing or tracking sales commissions. Yes, Excel can number crunch and perform powerful … Read More

Get ahead in the cloud! Why you need cloud-based sales commission software

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The sales environment has always been competitive but now you can get ahead of the game by switching to the cloud. If you haven’t thought about a cloud-based compensation management solution yet, maybe you should. Here are three simple reasons why : 1. Quick, easy and cost-effective The only things you need to switch to cloud-based sales commission software is … Read More

Managing individual performance within a team environment

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This concept can sometimes be neglected when the management focus is on the overall picture. But, with modern sales performance management apps providing tracking insights and commission reports, a clear focus on individual performance is also valuable. Calling out individual performance within the team Professional sports team players are prone to say: ‘We win as a team, we lose as … Read More