Allowing input into the process of setting sales goals and targets helps build a sense of ownership within a team. Your aim is to unlock your team’s creativity, however, it’s also a process that can demotivate if not conducted in the right way.

So here are the best ways to unlock the team’s potential:

Hold an ‘ideas’ meeting

Bringing a team together, and inviting them to be creative, is an excellent way of developing ownership. Once invested in an idea, an effective team can even help manage its achievement. How? By encouraging each other throughout the process. They can chivvy along as necessary, and congratulate good performance.

Of course, even an ideas meeting needs a structure, but these are wide parameters to encourage effective thinking. Any gathering designed simply to agree what a manager or leader wants to do is not an ideas meeting!

Gather ideas without assessing them

• ‘Oh, that won’t work.’
• ‘No we tried that a while back, 2007 I think it was, and it didn’t work then.’
• ‘Customers won’t buy that; trust me I know.’

We’ve all heard them, idea-demolishing phrases. Often, they are offered as a quick reply, but they tend to kill creativity. Sometimes the speaker is genuinely trying to be helpful. Either way, the effect is a reduced offering of further ideas, as team members will not want to have their suggestions squashed.

So, as a starting point, the key is to gather ideas without comment, using a whiteboard, screen or the like. Let participants know that this is not the time to comment on ideas. Any idea is welcomed – even if later discarded.

Collating and editing ideas

After the gathering process is complete (be sure to keep it short) then the process moves on. Where different ideas might work in harmony they can be brought together. Now is the time to assess the ideas, but in a controlled way. For larger teams, one sub-group may be given a few minutes to think of the benefits. Another might be asked to recognise drawbacks and how they might be overcome. All of these responses can then be brought together into an agreed goal and action plan.

Managing sales goal achievement

With the goals set, managers and leaders need to keep a focus on progress. Here at Commissionly, we provide intelligent help in the motivation of your sales team, in order to achieve the set goals and earn rewards. We’d love you to talk to us about your specific requirements. So feel free to get in touch.