Commission management software provider Commissionly has announced its new service for merchant service providers, ISOs, and payment processors.

The Commissionly Payments platform is a tool created for businesses that need to create reports and manage commission payments on terminal sales, rate agreements and transaction reports.

This versatile platform is tailored towards businesses and individuals working within the payment processing chain.

Commissionly’s payment functions were created with the intention of removing Excel from the equation. The platform has automated many of the traditionally manual tasks, such as Auto Assignment of Merchant IDs – link Merchant IDs to any internal data such as ISOs, Sales Agents, or Merchants. Commissions calculations based on terminal unit sales or transaction volumes with the ability to split between the house and other sales parties.

A full custom reporting engine can output the information Payment companies require to manage the commission payments.

Martin Baker, Commissionly CEO, said: ” We start where processing companies finish – the sales and transaction report. It expands businesses ability to manage and control the inflow of fee data across multiple activities and sources. Clients can use Commissionly to pay their agents and independent contractors in a fraction of the time that it would take to do manually making Commissionly a must-have piece of software for any card payment professionals and ISOs.

To request more information on the new service, you can book an appointment with a Commissionly Payments Commissions specialist today, by going to their website: