Most sales managers spend a lot of time thinking about how to set sales goals. This is important, of course — but many don’t consider how their sales process fits into this task. If this sounds like you, here are five reasons you need to work on your sales process:

1. It provides your team with a framework to meet their sales targets

Whilst it’s important to allow your sales team some flexibility, an established framework makes your team more efficient. It gives them repeatable steps to follow — guiding the customer from a prospect to a sale.

2. It quickly integrates new members of staff into the team

A defined sales process minimises the time it takes to get new salespeople on board. They can observe the process in action, and quickly identify how they will fit into the business.

3. It defines how software fits into the equation

Software, like our sales commission software, can improve your sales process. It reduces time spent monitoring, tracking and calculating commission — freeing up more time for your team to focus on revenue-generating tasks. When you have a defined process, it’s easy to identify to see how software can help.

4. It helps identify areas for improvement

Similarly, a defined process helps you identify areas for improvement across the entire team. Are there any sticking points? Where are most prospects leaving the process? How can you tighten it up even further? All of this will help you learn how to set sales goals that actually get results.

5. It uses a proven approach to generate more sales

When you consider how to set sales goals, do you think about how your team will achieve them? A defined sales process gives your staff a proven approach to follow. This increases the likelihood they will hit their targets, giving you scope to improve them year-on-year to focus on what matters — increasing profits.