Boost sales during summer holidays

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The summer holidays are here and many businesses are thinking about how to meet sales performance goals when all their customers are away enjoying their time off. An important thing to remember is that you’re not alone, your competition is probably feeling the pressure too and will be working hard to devise strategies to make it over the sales line … Read More

The best way to set sales targets and quotas

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One of the primary reasons a business experiences failure or a loss of profit is because they set sales targets that didn’t come in to fruition. The most common mistake companies and business owners are making is using data from a previous year to simply estimate future growth. This method of prediction not only fails to include any potential variables … Read More

How should you define sales performance goals?

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When it comes to defining sales performance goals, you might wonder what time period to set them at. Every company has different time-frames they like to set goals for, whether it is daily, weekly, monthly or yearly targets. There are advantages for all of these time-frames, but what is the right way? Here are some thoughts on each of those … Read More

The importance of well-defined sales targets for growth

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What’s the first thought when it comes to establishing sales targets? Your first instinct is probably to say ‘I want to increase sales’. Well, who doesn’t? But having such a vague goal is more likely to achieve the opposite. Without a clear, well-defined target, there is no way to make measured progress. And without assessing your progress, you can’t tell … Read More

What to do if you’re falling behind on your sales targets

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Meeting targets either on-time or before a deadline can be really exhilarating, but missing targets can destroy morale. Morale can also be destroyed if you’re not progressing as much as you ought to be. For instance, if you’ve made seven sales in six months but your target for the year is 24, then you’re massively behind target. This isn’t too … Read More