One of the most common ways of encouraging a sales force to reach their potential is offering a commission for every sale that they make. It’s widely accepted that if an employee sees a personal benefit in a sale, they’ll try even harder. Ultimately, this will drive your company on to another level of success. However, in an increasingly remote working environment, you need to make sure that you’re as efficient as can be. Automating your commissions process can be the competitive edge you need.

Freeing up manpower

When you’re striving to make as many sales as you can, every hour selling counts. Thus, your company needs to be all hands on deck, especially in troubling times such as now. By having someone individually working out and assigning commission for each and every salesperson, you’re missing out on potentially hundreds of hours that could have otherwise been spent selling. Using commission tracking software means that all of this is dealt with automatically. Employees can be certain that they’ll get their commission, and it’s far more efficient for the business.

You can set quotas

A good sales commission software will show you how to set sales goals. This means that all of your employees will know exactly what they need to achieve. Because of this, they will see that they need to push a little bit harder for the end of the month, and earn the business even greater revenue. Although these could be done manually, the automatic process saves time and adapts to the performance of individual employees. That means that every salesperson is pushed to be their best every month.

It reduces the chance of mistakes

As good as someone manually organising commissions can be, there will always be the occasional mistake. An easy way of stopping this is by automating the process. The last thing you need is an employee being angry at receiving too little commission and working less hard. When used well, software such as Commissionly can automatically organise commission with no mistakes. This will keep the workforce happy, and revenues high.