If you manage a remote sales team, it can be hard to ensure you communicate effectively with your team. Through phone calls and emails, important pieces of information can often be lost, making it essential you have a strong network of communication with your sales reps. Below we offer top tips for improving communication with a team of remote workers.

1. Set communication schedules

If you do not set a specific date or time to call an employee, you will most likely keep pushing the call further and further down your to-do list until the communication becomes long overdue. At the start of each week schedule the times you would like to speak to your employees, whether individually or as a team, and stick to it.

2. Have an office calendar

When working remotely, it is easy for an employee to be missed off a meeting list or email chain and fall out of a communication loop. Create an online calendar that can be viewed and added to by everyone in your sales team, so every employee knows when important meetings are. If an employee notices they are not being included in a meeting or event, they will be able to raise this with you.

3. Use sales performance management software

When managing an online team, organising individual sales commission is an extremely time-consuming and confusing process. Instead of allowing emails about commission to interrupt the communication flow of your business, you should use sales performance management software which will automatically manage your sales team’s commission. This will allow you to communicate with your employees about more specific work matters, as all issues about commission will be handled for you.

4. Offer a platform for feedback

You may wish to create a separate company email address for team members to send their ideas and feedback to. This ensures general comments and suggestions don’t get lost in daily communications.

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