Often, companies will have informal targets that they want from their salesforce, or may even not give their employees specific goals to reach when they’re pitching products to the wider public. However, this can leave your company vulnerable to falling below its ultimate sales potential. By setting automated sales targets and quotas, your company can reach its fullest potential and maximise revenues, and here’s how.

You can find the weaknesses in your sales team

If you have a well established and rigorous system in place for working out how well each individual member of staff is performing, it can become a lot easier to find the weak points in your sales team. With software such as Commissionly, you can easily see how much each team member is selling and take action by encouraging them or further training individual staff members into working better. Previously, you might have struggled to see where your weaknesses are before it is too late. Now you can easily find and solve the problem.

Push your hard workers to the next level

Sometimes you’ll have employees that push even further than your highest expectations, and applying the same sales targets and quotas to them week after week won’t lead to improving results. Instead, your business could be left unmoving and stagnant. With adaptable sales goals software, you can adjust each individual employee’s sales goals to get the most out of each and every worker in your company. Rather than being settled and complacent, your salesforce can be constantly challenged and kept on their toes, which is much better for business.

It makes forecasting easier

As sales goal software is based on the current abilities of your employees, you can get a rough idea of how much each salesperson can make in a given time period. From this, it becomes a lot easier to estimate your revenue. A detailed revenue estimate can allow you to plan for your financial future with no fears about whether or not you’ll make enough to afford upgrades you might want to make. This could be done manually, but software such as Commissionly streamlines the process of sales targets and quotas, making the whole financial side of your business easier.