People go to work for one primary reason. To earn money. For most, the wage or salary they receive is known in advance. It can be a regular, standard weekly or monthly payment. But sometimes it can be based on the number of jobs or tasks completed. Alternatively, some people get paid an hourly rate rather.

It’s different for sales personnel, however. Some are paid on a commission-only basis. Others receive a modest, regular wage that is supplemented by commission or compensation. This is when a certain amount of greyness can creep into the situation.

It’s not something that employers or employees like to entertain. So, a transparent sales compensation management system is the answer.

Sales compensation management software that reports in real-time

If all sales compensation is at one flat rate, it makes it easier to calculate how much is due. However, even in this instance, there is room for some ambiguity. For example, what date is a sale recorded on the system? Does it fall into one pay period or another? There is room for confusion, and this should be avoided wherever possible.

The solution is to install a cutting-edge sales compensation management program. To begin with, such software provides one place where are all sales and commissions are recorded. No more scraps of paper or sales reports that can get permanently lost or temporarily misplaced.

The best sales compensation software reports in real-time. Furthermore, it should be able to integrate seamlessly with relevant systems such as CRM and accounting software.

Increase loyalty through transparency

Imagine having a sales compensation management program that allows instant access to both sales management and staff. Besides dashboards for managers, you can have private dashboards for sales reps. Everyone can see exactly what the current position is in an instant. This sort of transparency is important. It gives sales personnel confidence in their employers thereby increasing employee loyalty.

Empower sales personnel with access to their compensation progress

Above all, calculations are automatic. You can introduce different levels of compensation for various products and product ranges. Accordingly, you will be able to use this to promote sales where you need them. Sales personnel will also be able to check-in and see where the best incentives lie. This puts them more in control of achieving their compensation targets.

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This type of sales compensation management software is available right now. It is easy to install and can be up and running in no time. It will bring complete transparency to the compensation playing field. For more information, call us today or visit our website.