Sales commission software is a great way to motivate and incentivise your sales team. But can it benefit your business?

Let’s take a look at the top 4 industries that utilise this means of employee performance tracking:

1. Financial services

Whether your team sells merchant payment services or helps others to better invest their money, sales commission software can reward those reps who go the extra mile in discovering the best opportunities for their clients. It can also integrate with existing cloud bookkeeping services such as QuickBooks and Xero. And if you work with referral bodies and agents on varying sales splits, sales commission software helps reduce error.

2. Tech industry

Offer solutions and services in the tech industry? Log conversions and manage targets for multi-tiered package and software scenarios easily with commission software. From ‘Software as a Service’ to cloud storage and cybersecurity products, a gamified sales team is the perfect means to convert leads.

3. Digital services

Track the performance of account managers or departments selling PPC, online advertising or SEO services. Integrate reps’ performance with your CRM, set targets in line with the latest data analytics and adjust them based on experience. It can even be adjusted whether your commission structure is recurring or varied.

4. Medical sales

Medical practices are keener than ever to use their budget wisely, and sales reps are having to work harder to make those (all-important) conversions. Sales commission software enables reps to see their targets and track their own performance. Sales commission software can also be based on multiple currency conversions for those that sell at home or globally.

Sales commission tracking software is a great option for any business looking to improve their sales conversions. Whatever you sell, maximise your team’s potential with Commissionly today.