Sales commission software is an invaluable tool for both businesses and individuals. It helps business owners to calculate, with ease, how much they owe their sales personnel. But the right commission tracking software can do so much more. It can also be used to incentivise a sales team.

There are many opportunities for salespeople who rely on earning a commission. However, they must know where they stand at all times. After all, for many, it determines what food they will be putting on their plates. It also means being able to pay bills on time. In short, their commission is their lifeblood.

Sales commission software sets and measures markers

For some salespeople, sales commission software allows them to concentrate their efforts on earning a liveable income. For others, it represents a marker. However, to the ambitious salesperson, that marker is not a goal. It is something to be bettered each time around. It is an incentive to raise the bar – to sell more.

Real-time reporting

To work well as an incentive tool, sales commission software must report in real-time. It means that salesmen and women can see where they are at earnings-wise, at any point in time. It gives them the spur they need to achieve their target income.

Comprehensive flexibility

But there is something else too that good sales commission software needs. It needs to be comprehensibly flexible. Most people like challenges. Provided of course they are achievable. This in itself makes them a great incentive as non-achievable challenges actually disincentivize employees.

Target setting

The best commission calculation software must have a user-friendly interface and be easily programmable. From the company point of view, it makes target setting a cinch. It enables attractive commissions to be set on certain categories of products.

This has two advantages:

  1. The first is that it concentrates sales efforts on product categories that need it. Therefore, businesses remain in close control of their targets.
  2. The second is for the sales staff. Moving targets around through commission biasing creates new challenges. Challenges motivate the sales team, giving them the determination and will to achieve.

Satisfying both ends of the spectrum

If you’re looking for the best sales commission platform to increase sales and motivate your salesforce, try Commissionly. It achieves the best results at both ends of the spectrum.