Leading sales force automation system launches a new offering, designed to allow its clients to provide more value to their customers.

Commissionly – the simple system which enables payment, motivation, and time-saving for sales forces – has announced the impending launch of its new Partner Program.

The system will allow Commissionly’s client base to offer the platform to their own customers. This will enable Commissionly partners to have a transformative effect on their customers’ businesses.

Test cases have already shown that the Partner Program is capable of having a positive impact on client businesses, and even opens up new business streams for them. Commissionly clients will now have a new opportunity to offer a commission consultancy and add value to their service provision.

Commissionly has confirmed that pricing will be scaled to the size of the business applying for partner status. It is expected that the Partner Program will appeal directly to its core client base, including accounting businesses, consulting businesses, managed service providers and value-added resellers. Aside from attracting new clients and boosting revenue streams, the Partner Program is set to give Commissionly partners the opportunity to help their own customers by reducing the time and resources they need to direct into the calculation and processing of commission payments. Visibility will be another key advantage, as partners will benefit from a listing on the Commissionly website, offering access to a huge potential client base.

There will also be a Referrer Program which will run concurrently with the Partner Program. This initiative will reward Commissionly referrers for introducing Commissionly to their own customer network.

Patrick McCarthy, Commissionly Co-Founder & CTO, said:

“We believe that the best way to extend the reach of Commissionly benefits around the world is side by side with our clients. In the current climate, it has never been more important for businesses to streamline their resources and up efficiency – that is why Commissionly is perfectly placed to address the needs of modern-day accountants, business consultants and managed service providers. Our Partner Program will mean that more companies can switch on to the advantages of our time and money-saving system for sales forces.”

Fully scalable, Commissionly is now the sales commission software of choice for many small and medium businesses around the world.

To apply for a Commissionly Partner Program go to this link and fill in the sign-up form.