The talent you employ in your organisation is what drives your sales team’s success. Talent and underperformance are integrally linked. Without hiring the right people, you can expect to have a higher level of staff turnover and lower retention.

According to statistics, the average UK turnover rate (across all industries) is about 15%. However, sales teams can expect to have a turnover rate of 31%, more than double the average. There are a few reasons why employees might leave their sales position:

– Better sales commission at other organisations.
– Poor performance at their current job.
– Conflicts with management.

The problem is that recruitment can be costly financially and also to the efficacy of the team. It can cost near the equivalent of a year-and-half of the employee’s wages to replace an employee and get the new team member to full productivity.

So, for a £20,000 employee, the cost to replace them could be £30,000. If you have 10 people in your sales team, then replacing them at a rate of 31% could be a bill of, at least, £90,000 a year.

Employ the right people

Importantly, you need to look at employing the right people. Higher staff turnover is often because there is a mismatch between the business’ and the employee’s goals or values. A mismatch leads to a disillusioned staff member who won’t perform at their best.

Improve staff retention

It’s not all doom-and-gloom though. There are ways to improve staff retention. One such way is setting sales performance goals that are simultaneously realistic and challenging. This gives salespeople, who are traditionally very competitive, a reason to keep on pushing to meet sales targets.

You should also look at offering a sales commission that is fair to the salesperson for the work it takes to close a deal. If an employee thinks that the work isn’t worth the pay, they will likely look to move to another company, which will make them less enthusiastic about pushing sales for you.

All of these mean that staff retention is an important metric that needs to be monitored. Too many staff leaving your business will cost you significantly, which will severely impact your profits. And without the right sales commission software helping you to set sales goals and monitor performance, then your task will be harder.