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The sales performance goals you should set in the new year

Regardless of your company size, sales performance goals should be an intrinsic part of day-to-day activities within the sales department. Without sales performance goals, the sales team will remain unfocused and undriven – implementing such goals will encourage hard work with a great payoff. What types of sales performance goals should you be incorporating into […]

How to set sales targets and quotas for SMEs

If you’re a small to medium enterprise (SME) then you’ll know that every sales target and quota matters and that setting achievable goals is vital to success. Communicate sales expectations between employees Whether you’re the manager of the business or an employee, communication is key. Studies have endlessly proven that excellent communication in the workplace […]

How to create sales goals

When working within a sales environment, one of the most important thing you will need to have is goals. However, goal-setting can often be easier said than done, as there are many factors that come into play when setting these. Keep in mind the acronym ‘SMART’ to give you and your team the direction you […]

How to motivate your sales team

Motivation is important within any role, but it is vital within a sales environment. From large call volumes to rejection handling, even the best salespeople have to learn to be resilient and often have to rely on their own motivations to get through particularly difficult days. Within an organisation, there are a few things that […]

What is stopping your team from selling more?

It takes five or more interactions for 80% of prospects to convert into a customer. However, most sales teams will only try one or two times before they start to abandon prospects. This means your sales team could more than double their sales figures, every month, if they persist. So this is something you might […]

Understanding the soft sell

When it comes to sales performance goals, it’s all too easy to make the mistake of being overly aggressive at every opportunity. Which essentially is a loss of sales commission. It’s important to rectify this because approaching sales with a “one size fits all” approach is a recipe for missing out on your targets. It […]

The benefits of sales commission software for performance management

Sales performance management is always easy when your business only has a couple of sales professionals. Once you scale up though, using manual commission tracking methods or even spreadsheet tracking becomes more problematic. This will be even more tricky over coming years due to the government’s Making Tax Digital initiatives, as you probably won’t be […]

How to include new year’s resolutions when you create sales goals

When it comes to setting your team’s sales goals for next year, there are a lot of factors to consider. It is important to remember that this will be a new year, a time for reflection and putting the fresh foot forward for new beginnings. So it is safe to assume that a lot of […]

The most effective sales commission schemes

The commission is an integral part of any sales department in an organisation. As the sales department is paramount to the success of a company, the commission is vital to the life of the sales department. Therefore, sales commission schemes determine how well the department will perform. Here are the qualities of the most effective […]

Setting Christmas Sales Goals

Most managers think they know how to set sales targets and quotas, but did you know that the formula should change depending upon the time of year that you are in? Buying habits change throughout the year, and when it comes to Christmas, more people are likely to spend money. Knowing this, managers should adjust […]