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Underperforming sales people? How long do you give them?

Employing the right people for your sales team is important. You need to have someone who can offer the revenue to justify their compensation. And when someone doesn’t meet their agreed-upon sales performance goals, there will come a time when that staff member should be let go. But how long do you retain that member […]

How to improve staff retention for your sales team

The talent you employ in your organisation is what drives your sales team’s success. Talent and underperformance are integrally linked. Without hiring the right people, you can expect to have a higher level of staff turnover and lower retention. According to statistics, the average UK turnover rate (across all industries) is about 15%. However, sales […]

Use compensation software to reward these three front-line staff

While sales teams are often the major focus for compensation software, they aren’t the only ones who could use this technology to increase motivation. There are many industries and jobs where compensation could be awarded for high performance. Here are three industries that can implement compensation software for ‘front-line staff’. 1. Retail Retail staff, or […]

The importance of transparency in the sales compensation management arena

People go to work for one primary reason. To earn money. For most, the wage or salary they receive is known in advance. It can be a regular, standard weekly or monthly payment. But sometimes it can be based on the number of jobs or tasks completed. Alternatively, some people get paid an hourly rate […]

4 industries that can benefit from sales commission software

Sales commission software is a great way to motivate and incentivise your sales team. But can it benefit your business? Let’s take a look at the top 4 industries that utilise this means of employee performance tracking: 1. Financial services Whether your team sells merchant payment services or helps others to better invest their money, […]

The tools that every good sales commission dashboard should offer

Whether you’ve been part of a business for twenty years or are just getting started in setting up your own, it’s critical that you have software to help make your day-to-day tasks easier. However, it can be difficult to find such a solution if you aren’t sure what tools the ideal solution should have. Luckily […]

4 tips for effective sales performance management

Building a sales performance management strategy could sound intimidating and like a lot of pressure if you’re unsure of what to do. You don’t want to come across as overbearing or pushy – but you also don’t want to seem floundering or lackadaisical. However, ensuring that you find the right balance is easier than you […]

A guide to incentive compensation

What is incentive compensation? Incentive compensation is a form of flexible compensation, in which how much an employee earns varies depending on how many sales they make and how this benefits the company as a whole. Through incentive compensation, the goals of individual salespeople and the goals of the company are aligned, resulting in improved […]

Why commissions can drive your team to be more effective

The norm in business is for companies to pay their employees a basic wage. This is then built on with performance-related bonuses depending on how the employee has been performing. However, with the emergence of the gig economy, this is changing. Employees are taking jobs that pay by the task rather than hourly, which can […]