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How to add a little festive fun into your commissions

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, however, for businesses it can be rather slow. Some leads are thinking more about the end of the year than they are of the next year. This can be a hard time for sales teams as they struggle to find leads willing to be closed. Which inevitably leads […]

The sales commission dashboard: how it can benefit you

The sales commission dashboard is fast becoming the most popular way to track and analyse sales. The benefits this little tool can bring to your business far outweigh the time it takes to implement. More importantly, when using a sales dashboard, teams report better workflow and a more knowledgeable approach to sales. Will it work […]

How to set sales goals to grow your business

Every sales team has the same general goal – sell more. Consistent monitoring of sales performance is the simplest way of checking that you’re on track to achieving constant positive performance. But it is important to note that setting the right goals will empower your team, keep the budget on track, and grow your profits. […]

Three steps to recover from a sales performance slump

It happens to everyone at some point, no matter how you create sales goals, there is a period when sales performance drops. When this happens, there can be a loss of morale, which can further hamper efforts to recover performance and return to winning ways. In the long term, this can seriously affect the business’ […]

Types of bonuses you might not be utilising, but should

When you sit down to develop your staff bonus structures, you often think about how you can create sales goals. However, it isn’t just sales commission that is important for the performance of your staff. There are other bonuses that you can give to help motivate and grow your business. Offering rewards for responsibilities, other […]

How to balance employee wellbeing with high sales targets

It’s tempting to push your sales team to the limit, with attractive commission structures. If your employees are money-driven, they will undoubtedly work relentlessly towards the target. Yet you must be careful of burnout. Nobody can give 120% 24/7. If they do they will likely achieve some impressive results at the start but before long, […]

Should you create sales goals based on team performance?

Some businesses don’t offer their employees individual sales-based targets. Instead, they create sales goals based on a team’s performance. When the team reaches the goal, they all get rewarded. But if the team fails, no-one gets any compensation. There are some advantages and disadvantages to this strategy. What are these and can you benefit from […]

7 habits of effective sales managers

How effective are you when it comes to sales performance management? To be an effective sales manager, you need to do more than just monitor your team’s performance. You need to inspire them to go the extra mile and close deals daily. Here are 7 habits of effective sales managers: 1. They lead by example […]

5 underestimated essentials for winning at sales

There are more variables at stake in sales than just your company, your products and your prices. Many of these variables are actually essential to success, but vastly unappreciated by most sales teams. Here are the five essentials that will help you close more deals than ever before. 1. Hard work Hard work is key […]

Why sales compensation is vital for your business

On the ground level, your sales teams are the ones who keep the organisation running by driving sales to generate income. While some managers may argue against sales commissions and incentives, they are actually important in motivating your team to ensure they are doing their best to earn you revenue. An organisation that has high […]