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Five Reasons You Need to Work On Your Sales Process

Most sales managers spend a lot of time thinking about how to set sales goals. This is important, of course — but many don’t consider how their sales process fits into this task. If this sounds like you, here are five reasons you need to work on your sales process: 1. It provides your team […]

Five key essentials of a good sales pitch

Crafting a good sales pitch is not an easy task, yet it is probably the most effective tool for closing sales and growing your clientele. That means delivering a good presentation is critical and can make all the difference in achieving your sales goals targets. Successful sales reps consider their technique an art form. To […]

4 ways to boost client retention

So, it’s the beginning of the month and you need to find a way to hit that all-important commission target.  Read on for four strategies to boost your client retention, ensuring that you have guaranteed business every month *before* you start dialling out on those “BD” calls: a client retention playbook, if you will. 1. […]

Common mistakes when setting sales goals

Setting realistic and relatable sales goals can be difficult. Especially since they are key to keeping sales staff motivated. But successful sales goals also keep your business strong, keep investors happy, and make team leaders proud of their team.  At Commissionly, we know how to create realistic targets and have put together a list of […]

How to improve morale within your sales team

No matter the industry, the sales team is one of the hardest working teams within any business. Ask any salesperson what motivates them, and the answer will typically be “money”. Nobody gets into a sales role to achieve a basic salary and commission plays a huge role in ‘the win’. Sales roles are demanding, and […]

5 simple strategies for organic sales growth

Every single business wants to generate profits. The goal of business is to provide a service or product that solves a problem your audience is experiencing and to grow the business so that year on year it can accrue greater financial payback. 1. Research your target audience If you don’t know who you are appealing […]

The most important sales call ever made…

…is the next one! Sounds obvious, but this flies in the face of an old sales adage: you’re only as good as your last call. Not so! While that previous call might have established or continued a positive customer relationship, this really offers no more than an ‘in’ for the next time. Why that next […]

The best way to set sales targets and quotas

One of the primary reasons a business experiences failure or a loss of profit is because they set sales targets that didn’t come in to fruition. The most common mistake companies and business owners are making is using data from a previous year to simply estimate future growth. This method of prediction not only fails […]

How should you define sales performance goals?

When it comes to defining sales performance goals, you might wonder what time period to set them at. Every company has different time-frames they like to set goals for, whether it is daily, weekly, monthly or yearly targets. There are advantages for all of these time-frames, but what is the right way? Here are some […]

The importance of well-defined sales targets for growth

What’s the first thought when it comes to establishing sales targets? Your first instinct is probably to say ‘I want to increase sales’. Well, who doesn’t? But having such a vague goal is more likely to achieve the opposite. Without a clear, well-defined target, there is no way to make measured progress. And without assessing […]