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What to do if you’re falling behind on your sales targets

Meeting targets either on-time or before a deadline can be really exhilarating while missing targets can destroy morale. Morale can also be destroyed if you’re not progressing as much as you ought to be. For instance, if you’ve made seven sales in six months but your target for the year is 24, then you’re massively […]

The Cold, Hard Truth About Sales Commissions

“Creativity is often the key to devising meaningful recognition programs that have an impact on individual performance and the bottom line.” While Commissionly is one of the few CRM systems that offer native commission software, we pay careful attention to alternative modes of motivating and compensating sales staff that personify the competitive environment in the […]

How to create sales goals that your staff will relate to

Royalty-free image usage information:Goal by licensed under Creative Commons 4.0 Creating sales goals can be difficult. Ensuring your targets are realistic enough that they are achievable, while also being high enough to boost efficiency, is a tricky balance to find.  One of the best ways to encourage employees is to ensure that any and […]