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How to maintain consistent sales all year round

Some industries are more suited to a steady stream of sales than others. While some businesses are seasonal, others are evergreen. Those that cannot rely on a constant flow of customers 12 months of the year are forced to get creative when figuring out how to hit sales goals when customer numbers change. Changing how […]

How to improve communication in a remote sales team

If you manage a remote sales team, it can be hard to ensure you communicate effectively with your team. Through phone calls and emails, important pieces of information can often be lost, making it essential you have a strong network of communication with your sales reps. Below we offer top tips for improving communication with […]

4 reliable tips to train your salesforce and see your sales rise

As a sales manager, training your team will significantly improve your chances of reaching your sales performance goals. A well-trained team will deliver more sales. But how do you achieve this? Let’s look at four ways to train your team. 1. Use real-life scenarios Your salesforce will face different situations during sales. They may meet […]

3 ways to make your sales meetings more effective

When it comes to sales performance management, you need to be holding regular meetings with your sales team. It helps you to identify when there are problems with your sales team and guide them to meet their sales goals more effectively. However, meetings often have a reputation for being a waste of time. Normally this […]