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The most important sales call ever made…

…is the next one! Sounds obvious, but this flies in the face of an old sales adage: you’re only as good as your last call. Not so! While that previous call might have established or continued a positive customer relationship, this really offers no more than an ‘in’ for the next time. Why that next […]

5 steps to establish a successful sales compensation strategy

The sales compensation plan is one of the most effective recruitment tools in the sales industry. When establishing your strategy, you need to ensure that it offers measurable benefits to your sales team, but you also need to ensure that it isn’t costing your business huge sums of cash every month. It needs to be […]

How to develop a strategic sales compensation plan

A sales compensation plan is the most crucial driver of success in any sales operation. Therefore, you have to develop it strategically to promote the right sales and evoke the desired practices from your sales representatives. Though a perfect plan will look different for every organisation, you will need to follow these necessary steps and […]