Sales commission software or if you prefer, sales compensation software that promotes making more sales. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Every salesperson knows just how important sales commission is. Therefore, having easy to use software that facilitates more time for chasing and closing deals is essential.

Creating more time to close deals

Having the right mindset is essential for all salespeople. If the sales commission software you use is complicated and time demanding, it will distract staff from their real goal. Yes, their goal from a personal point of view is to make money. But how is that done? By closing deals.

The advantages of CRM driven sales commission software

Keeping tabs on existing clients and having information readily to hand on prospective clients and your communications with them is vital. So, having a sales commission software package that is based on Customer Relationship Management rather than Comma Separated Values (CSV – typically spreadsheets) is a bonus.

One significant advantage of CRM sales compensation software is that it makes it possible to incorporate product catalogues. Most businesses have multiple product lines. Each product lines carries varying commission rates based on price and sales volume. 

The use of product catalogues is twofold. Firstly, it makes it easier to target your sales force toward specific products. You can put the spotlight on the product margins and revenues that you wish to promote. Secondly, it makes it easier for individual team members to track their progress in terms of sales commissions earned. Because of this, CRM driven sales commission software programs have the edge over CSV driven software.

Don’t forget your existing client base

Business and sales, in particular, is all about establishing good relationships and communication. The same goes whether you are talking cultivating new clients or expanding business with your current customer base. Far too many salesmen and women concentrate most of their activity on finding new clients. However, this can be detrimental to existing customers, who if truth be known, are your best source of new orders.

This brings us back to communicating. By staying in regular contact and recording where you’re at on the right sales commission software, you are nurturing new business. Besides new business, you will also be encouraging repeat orders.

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As a sales leader, you always have to find new ways to keep your sales team motivated using incentives and encouragement to boost their morale. Here are five ways to do just that :

Sales commissions

Traditionally, sales commissions have always been effective motivators. Set up a generous sales commission scheme that does not create competition amongst your team members but instead rewards personal efforts as well as the group’s collective achievements.

Nowadays, commissions and sales tracking are made easy by efficient sales commission software, so you don’t have to do any of the tedious math yourself. 

Personalised recognition and rewards

Commissions are usually cash rewards, and often the sales reps feel like they are only being paid rather than being rewarded. Sales commissions alone are not enough to make the team feel appreciated.

Including personalised non-cash rewards as additional compensation go a long way in recognising your team’s efforts. It does not have to be much – coupons, gift cards, tech gadgets, and recreational outings are some examples to give you an idea of cash-less rewards that might interest your staff. The more personalised the reward, the more deserving and special it feels. 

If you are feeling really generous you can offer the trip of a lifetime.  Send them somewhere like Cape Town, South Africa.  Find out more about Cape Town Tourism here.

Staff training

Some sales reps may be unsure of themselves, so educate your staff on their value and teach them new ideas on how to increase productivity.

You can prepare training sessions locally for your team or organise the attendance of remote or online seminar events. This adds value to your employees and encourages them to improve on their weaknesses. 

Set sales goals

Break down your annual sales goals and hold every rep accountable to smaller daily, weekly or monthly goals. Some reps may not realise their potential unless they have their sights on a target, and may be selling themselves short by lacking clear objectives.

However, don’t discourage your sales reps with very high sales goals or underestimate their performance with very low ones either; create sales goals that are fair and achievable. 

Exciting team building activities

A sales team is made up of individuals with unique talents, skills and capabilities; you need to bring them together as a unit to work as a team.

Conduct team-building exercises to encourage collaboration and communication among your sales reps. Don’t go for the cliché ‘tell us about yourself’ sit around, these need to be fun and exciting. Go out on a wilderness retreat, try out physical games, trivia, board game tournaments and the like.

The exercise should not elicit embarrassment or personal invasion; instead, focus on bridging gaps between team members by bringing out their collective strengths. 

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