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Offering effective praise for good performance

The boss is walking past the workspace of a member of their team. They stop for a moment, then say: ‘I wanted to say good job with that contract’. Well, everyone loves praise, but the individual might have completed four contracts in the last three days. So which one? And were the others disappointing?  Confused? […]

5 ways to incentivise and boost your sales team’s morale

As a sales leader, you always have to find new ways to keep your sales team motivated using incentives and encouragement to boost their morale. Here are five ways to do just that : Sales commissions Traditionally, sales commissions have always been effective motivators. Set up a generous sales commission scheme that does not create […]

Figuring out why you’ve had a drop in sales

A sales decline can be worrying for any business. The key is to get to the bottom of why you’ve had a drop in sales. Once you’ve done this, you can put a plan in place to get your business back on track. So, with that being said, let’s take a look at some of […]

3 ways sales commission software gets you great results

There are times when a few minor adjustments to sales compensation management are all that’s needed to add insight and incentivise your team. Occasionally, in-depth analysis and major change are needed to breathe new life into your sales performance goals. Whether the adjustments you need to make are large or small, decisions around business software […]

How to set sales goals that work for you and your team

In any sales-driven business, setting goals and targets is key to driving increased revenue. Without a defined target to aim for, staff can lack the motivation to do any more than the minimum possible: which is bad news for your business, and your bank balance.  In order to keep profits coming in, and to get […]