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Why sales commissions are important for business growth

When it’s time to analyse sales performance goals, many business owners are often intrigued by the thought of doing away with commissions and paying employees a fixed wage. Maybe it’s a rough patch in the market or the idea that salespeople are not keen on jobs where salaries can fluctuate. But whatever your reasoning may […]

3 commission tips for building great sales

Once you’ve captured a high-flying sales team, the next challenge is to hang on to them and keep them motivated to grow your business. One of the ways you can do that is by using a cloud-based sales commission software that is easily accessible and which encourages collaborative working as well as rewarding individual talent.  […]

5 ways to incentivise and boost your sales team’s morale

As a sales leader, you always have to find new ways to keep your sales team motivated using incentives and encouragement to boost their morale. Here are five ways to do just that : Sales commissions Traditionally, sales commissions have always been effective motivators. Set up a generous sales commission scheme that does not create […]