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Solving commission payment challenges for your industry

Sales commission software is an invaluable tool for both businesses and individuals. It helps business owners to calculate with ease how much they owe their sales personnel. It’s an essential component of sales planning that makes the process of tracking commissions easier.

Managing sales compensation and commissions is essential for any sales-oriented business organisation, and using the cloud-based software supplied by Commissionly ensures you can produce reports and generate commissions effortlessly.


    Jud Whidden / , Jud Whidden Consulting Inc.

    With Commissionly my client has been able to reduce time spend processing commission from 80% to 10% and the time they now spend isn’t on data entry but on useful analysis that is driving their business forward.

    Our Matrix commission feature, provides a simple solution to a complex commission structure, with multiple variables, in the medical sector.

    Medical practices are keener than ever to use their budget wisely, and sales reps are having to work harder to make those (all-important) conversions.

    Sales commission software enables reps to see their targets and track their own performance. It can also be based on multiple currency conversions for those that sell at home or globally.

    Case Study

    Krystine Moss / Sales Administrator, Hayes Software Systems

    We take pride in our customer service and really appreciate a business that respects and appreciates customer service as much as we do.

    Pay commission on recurring payments. Connect to your analytics platform to deduct churn from your commission payments.

    Offer solutions and services in the tech industry? Log conversions and manage targets for multi-tiered package and software scenarios easily with commission software.

    From ‘Software as a Service’ to cloud storage and cyber security products, a ramified sales team is the perfect means to convert leads.

    Case Study


Commission for Energy companies are often based on non financial units. With Commissionly you can calculate commissions based on Gas therms or Electricity kWh. The commission calculation can either be based on unit rates or calculation of units sold.

You are also able to add commissions for door rates, annual consumption estimates or other industry specific units.


Payments is a data lead business sector and calculating commissions can involve managing data sets from multiple payments processors.


Managing premium payment commissions and the onward payments to downstream brokers and agents can be a time consuming and costly task. Commissionly allows you to import policy premium data to calculate the split with your agents, brokers and the house.

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