Sales commission software or if you prefer, sales compensation software that promotes making more sales. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Every salesperson knows just how important sales commission is. Therefore, having easy to use software that facilitates more time for chasing and closing deals is essential.

Creating more time to close deals

Having the right mindset is essential for all salespeople. If the sales commission software you use is complicated and time demanding, it will distract staff from their real goal. Yes, their goal from a personal point of view is to make money. But how is that done? By closing deals.

The advantages of CRM driven sales commission software

Keeping tabs on existing clients and having information readily to hand on prospective clients and your communications with them is vital. So, having a sales commission software package that is based on Customer Relationship Management rather than Comma Separated Values (CSV – typically spreadsheets) is a bonus.

One significant advantage of CRM sales compensation software is that it makes it possible to incorporate product catalogues. Most businesses have multiple product lines. Each product lines carries varying commission rates based on price and sales volume. 

The use of product catalogues is twofold. Firstly, it makes it easier to target your sales force toward specific products. You can put the spotlight on the product margins and revenues that you wish to promote. Secondly, it makes it easier for individual team members to track their progress in terms of sales commissions earned. Because of this, CRM driven sales commission software programs have the edge over CSV driven software.

Don’t forget your existing client base

Business and sales, in particular, is all about establishing good relationships and communication. The same goes whether you are talking cultivating new clients or expanding business with your current customer base. Far too many salesmen and women concentrate most of their activity on finding new clients. However, this can be detrimental to existing customers, who if truth be known, are your best source of new orders.

This brings us back to communicating. By staying in regular contact and recording where you’re at on the right sales commission software, you are nurturing new business. Besides new business, you will also be encouraging repeat orders.

To find out more about the best CRM based commission tracking software, book a demo or start a free 14-day trial today.

While it’s true that Excel and other open-source spreadsheet apps are useful for collecting, tracking and manipulating data, the truth is that these programs were never designed to be a catch-all for all of your company needs – and they’re far from being the best choice for processing or tracking sales commissions.

Yes, Excel can number crunch and perform powerful mathematical equations. However, commissions processing is more than just mathematics. Your sales performance management needs to be accurate, allowing you to identify things like missed commission payments or missed targets. It should help you understand how to create sales goals and implement sales performance management.

If you’re still using Excel, here are just a handful of reasons why you should consider switching to sales commission software :

1. Spreadsheets are error-prone

While apps like Excel or OpenOffice allow you to use custom formulas to help calculate sales commission, there’s no accounting for the fact that human error can and does happen. Incorrect data entry, accidental deletion, and forgetting to save (auto-save isn’t implemented in older versions of Office) can all cause huge issues. These errors can be eliminated by switching to commission tracking software.

2. Spreadsheets are time-consuming

Why spend hours processing commissions in a spreadsheet when you could do the same task in next to no time with dedicated commission tracking software? In a worst-case scenario, the administrator of the commissions spreadsheet could even start rushing things to get the job done quicker, resulting in the sort of errors discussed in the previous point. Ultimately, this means that employees could miss out on their commission – and this could cause arguments or upset company morale.

3. Sales performance management is important

There may be instances where you want to audit the past payments you’ve received – and there’s really no way to achieve that with a spreadsheet. Sales commission software allows you to check monthly payments, commission percentages and individual sales rep payments.

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You can even benefit from a free trial with a demonstration on how to improve your sales performance management. With a host of other powerful features, like sales territory management, sales quota management and sales objective management, you’ll soon find yourself wondering how you ever managed with a simple spreadsheet.