Boost sales during summer holidays

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The summer holidays are here and many businesses are thinking about how to meet sales performance goals when all their customers are away enjoying their time off. An important thing to remember is that you’re not alone, your competition is probably feeling the pressure too and will be working hard to devise strategies to make it over the sales line … Read More

4 things to look for in a sales compensation software

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Increasingly, smart businesses have started using sales compensation software to accurately analyze the current state of business and forecast future earnings. Sales compensation software is also a great tool to monitor the performance of each sales representative and calculate the effect of renewals. Through automation, your business can seamlessly execute these tasks by creating a sales incentive compensation plan. So, … Read More

Sales goa​l​s not working out? Here’s what might be going wrong…

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Creating sales goals isn’t always an easy process, and anyone who thinks it is is probably doing something wrong. Although businesses do their best, sometimes their targets just don’t match up with reality. To avoid these common mistakes here are some tips on creating sales goals:- Not consulting stakeholders A big mistake is giving the job of creating sales goals … Read More

3 commission tips for building great sales

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Once you’ve captured a high-flying sales team, the next challenge is to hang on to them and keep them motivated to grow your business. One of the ways you can do that is by using a cloud-based sales commission software that is easily accessible and which encourages collaborative working as well as rewarding individual talent.  Foster team spirit A salesperson … Read More

The Cold, Hard Truth About Sales Commissions

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Sales Commissions

While Commissionly is one of the few CRM systems that offer native commission software, we pay careful attention to alternative modes of motivating and compensating sales staff that personify the competitive environment in the UK, Europe and the United States, especially with some sectors reporting talent shortages. As Accenture summarily puts it “When it comes to motivating people toward great … Read More