Calculating commissions from Xero Invoices can be a tedious and long process. By utilizing Zapier you can now remove the problem by automating commission calculations with Commissionly. Every time an invoice is paid an opportunity record will be created in Commissionly and be used in automatically calculating the commission due to your staff. Say good by to manual commission calculation.

Find out how Commissionly improve your sales commission management, speeding up your commission calculations and improving accuracy.

Using Commissionly to manage your commission program you can make both efficiency and monetary gains. Reduced administration time, improved accuracy, in period information can either reduce costs or add money straight to the bottom line.

To discuss how Commissionly can increase the effectiveness of your Sales activities and commission calculations book a demo. One of our Commission Consultants will take you through the program and suggest the best way your company can benefit for using the commission platform.

If you require help with building zaps, multistage, API or other levels of integration please contact us.