The days of using tedious Excel sheets to keep track of sales commissions are long gone. Today’s digitally savvy companies are moving forward with commission tracking software to spur their employees towards higher standards of performance and growth.

This type of software makes it possible for companies to assess each sales rep’s progress, predict future sales numbers and analyse the effect of renewals while keeping an eye on the status of their sales performance goals.

Managing employee commissions manually is a difficult and time-consuming task. Here’s what you should consider when switching to sales commission software that will work for you :

1. User-friendly

The right commission tracking software can boost not just your profits, but also your efficiency and overall workplace productivity. In order to achieve this, your chosen software needs to be simple to work with and have user-friendly features.

It must be easily operable and assist employees to produce high-quality results in a short space of time. It shouldn’t be too complex to install and must allow users to import information from other financial software already available in the workplace.

2. Functionality

This is one of the most important features to look for when purchasing sales systems. A professional commission tracking software should be able to process data from several business sources and work well together with any current software that you use.

It must be able to assist you in carrying out complicated business calculations and important analysis. The software needs to make your sales computations easier to handle and keep payments accurate. Finally, it must also be able to present all the processed information in a manner that’s easily understood by the company’s key decision makers.

3. Integrate with existing systems

The new sales commission software that you choose must be able to function well with your current systems. It must be able to access, share and transition information in a number of different formats and stay compatibly connected to other financial software systems in your workplace at all times.

4. Flexibility

Manually handling your employees’ sales performance and tracking their commission is a daunting task. This is because you need to work with several collections of financial information and spend hours of your time comparing datasets, all the while figuring out the best way to present every piece of information. But with a strong commission tracking software, you should be able to track and compare several large datasets quickly and with minimum effort.

The right software package for your business must be flexible, allowing you to choose your preferred method of processing information and adjust statistic views in ways that suit your business purposes.