Crafting a good sales pitch is not an easy task, yet it is probably the most effective tool for closing sales and growing your clientele. That means delivering a good presentation is critical and can make all the difference in achieving your sales goals targets. Successful sales reps consider their technique an art form. To help you match up, here are five essentials of a good sales pitch:

1. Focus on the customer’s interest

Remember to pivot your argument around the customer’s interests. That means selling the experience rather than the product. Describe how your services or products will solve the customer’s needs. The most important thing to your prospect is that their demands are met. 

2. Structure the pitch around clear objectives

From the moment you open with a “hello”, every statement should lead you closer to your objectives. Define a clear list of objectives and work out how to get to each of them organically. Deviations from these objectives could make the pitch unproductive.

3. Share your insights

Share your insights and opinions whenever there is a chance. This makes the pitch feel more like a friendly conversation with an actual human being, rather than a sales presentation. If possible, share a positive story about how your service or product has helped someone.

4. Personalise every pitch

Everyone likes to feel special – your customers are no different. Effective sales presentations should therefore be personalised to your prospect. Learn their name and use it often, and try to find out about them and ask questions. Of course, there’s a fine line between interested and intrusive, so be respectful.

5. Give your customer time to respond

It’s generally said that a sales rep should never take “no” for an answer. However, there’s nothing more offputting than a hard sell. Allocate enough time for your customers to have an input in the conversation. Listen to them and encourage responsiveness by asking questions that give you an opportunity to address their pain points. Finally, if they’re unwilling to commit there and then, make a firm date to follow up with them.

When combined with targetted sales goals and sales commission software, these tips for delivering a good sales pitch will have you primed to enjoy greater success. Speak to us to learn more about our sales commission software that makes commission tracking easy and precise.