Covid-19 has dramatically changed the way businesses operate, almost overnight. Many companies have had to shut their doors to customers, and have their staff working from home. This means that the way companies act has had to change too. While each team will have been impacted in a unique way, sales teams are facing an immediate need to bring in revenue to keep the company stable, despite the new lockdown rules.

Here are three ways that sales teams can adapt during Covid-19 with a little help from sales performance management software.

1. Keeping your sales team motivated

Many sales teams have competitions surrounding their sales performance goals, and this should be true while working remotely. Keeping your team motivated with additional bonuses and benefits will encourage them to stay focused at work, while also showing them that you understand the increased pressures of working remotely. Your existing sales targets can easily be adapted for remote working, especially if you have effective sales performance management software. Also, try these tips [] for building team motivation too!

2. Continue listening to customers

Listening to customer feedback is always essential, and if your work practices have had to change quickly, then it is important to understand how your customers feel about your new way of working. Ask your team to gather customer feedback, as it is essential to enriching the customer experience. This could be in the form of feedback sheets or questionnaires, but simple verbal feedback is also useful. This may not normally be the job of your sales team, but remind them how important it is, and implement the constructive feedback that you receive.

3. Increase internal communication

Because you no longer have a centralised place for your employees to gather, you need to ensure that they are still getting the important information they need. Everything from information from head office, all the way to new remote sales strategies need to be communicated in a timely manner. The best way to do this is through digital team meetings, where all the new information can be disseminated to the team quickly and efficiently, making sure no one is missed out.

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