Sales is a varied beast, and every industry, company and even individual has a perspective on how to do it best, but you need consistency from your team.

Thorough onboarding, regular training and a good operational base are the best way to implement your brand standard, so here are some tips on how you can create that atmosphere for your workplace:

1. Have a clear, consistent sales commission scheme which is implemented across the board

Perhaps your commission scheme has different levels to reflect experience or commitment to the company, but it is vital that this should be open and transparent throughout the team.

Without a standard process or structure, resentment, gossip and vindictive behaviour can thrive as people think they are being shortchanged or undervalued. This toxic environment, in turn, leads to high staff turnover and therefore a big loss in potential sales.

2. Create sales goals which are regularly reviewed

Obviously, sales goals are paramount to any business development team, but there is more to it than that. If people feel that they have moving targets which are personal to them, they feel valued and are more motivated to keep on progressing up the ladder. Having a good sales performance management tool in place will save you a wealth of time when structuring this kind of workplace.

3. Keep training sessions short

When training spans hours or even days, concentration dwindles and the capacity of the brain for retaining information is compromised. Many of the most innovative companies around the world instead run short daily or weekly huddles in which a new subject is explored. This serves not only as personal development for your team but is also a great stimulator first thing in the morning when your team might need the cobwebs brushing away.

4. Use the buddy system

By buddying coworkers, they not only have a person to bounce ideas or problems off, perfect for conserving your energy, but they also form more meaningful connections at work. These friendships will keep your staff more satisfied with their job and therefore less likely to leave. A great way to keep your turnover down and retain solid employees!