Managing a sales team requires a lot of patience and can be extremely stressful. If your business is in its early stages, you might be feeling out of your depth, so we’ve put together a list of 4 sales team management tips so that you can lead your team towards success.

Specialize early to grow sales

Your sales team is made up of individuals who each have their own skills that can contribute to your team in a positive way. It’s essential that you identify those strengths and weaknesses early on and segment your team accordingly as you grow. It’s also a good idea to ask your team members about their personal preferences – do they prefer to build rapport with small businesses or are they better at going after bigger leads? Your sales team will have the best chance at success if they are all utilizing their own unique skills.

Focus on training

Continuous training is essential to ensuring that everyone in your team is constantly up-to-date with their skills regarding product knowledge, prospecting, territory planning, professional communications, and opportunity management. Consistently developing the fundamentals of successful sales techniques should be a key element of your company culture so that sales performance goals and standards are met consistently throughout your team.

Be results-driven and offer incentives

When you’re growing your sales team, it’s essential to hire people with determination and drive that thrive in a transparent environment that is focussed on key sales metrics. When you gather a group of competitive people together to meet the same goal, it drives your entire company upwards. It’s important to emphasize the importance of results so that people are more focussed on productivity rather than activity.

While straight monetary incentives are great, you should also look at the “money can’t buy” options like gifts, gadgets and trips of a lifetime like a safari in South Africa.  Find out more about Cape Town Tourism here.

Use the volume-versus-value ratio

Your highest value team members (highest paid) should be focusing their time on the lowest volume activities that are the most important, such as securing partnerships and referrals and building relationships. Your lower value team members should instead be focused on higher volume activities that are less important, such as turning prospects into leads.

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